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Jeanex Corporation


   Jeanex was established in the early 90’s as a small family owned jewelry manufacturing company.

   Since then our mission has been to create the most innovative designs at the most affordable prices.

   This mission combined with excellent workmanship, excellent quality, and excellent

   Customer service, has allowed us to grow over the years.


   This philosophy has guided us to introduce to you our NEW line:

Jeanex 925

   A line of high end jewelry made in 18K Gold & Sterling silver with genuine Gemstones & Diamonds.

·        This line is manufactured with the highest standards in the industry.

·        All items are true two tone 18K Gold and Sterling silver with rhodium plating and
          oxidation process, to insure highest quality and durability.

·        Our diamonds quality is fine White/SI 


·        Styles with semi precious gemstones available in the following colors:

               Blue Topaz, Amethyst, Citrine, Pink / Green Amethyst, Lemon / Smoky / Whiskey Quartz     

               and more.

·        Styles with precious gemstones available in Rubies and Sapphires (Blue, Yellow, Pink & Orange)

·        For resale only.

·        Promotional programs such as custom design luxury displays and full advertising
          support are available with larger orders.


   We are looking forward to assisting you with any questions or additional information you need.

   Please Email us: Jeanex@aol.com



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